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MultiOne Farming Loaders-1

South African farming equipment and machinery traditionally are classified as either tractors or implements. It has only been in the last few decades that compact multifunction farming tractors and smaller agricultural equipment became popular in South Africa, not only due to availability but also by increasing production and driving the cost down of smaller agricultural applications. In addition, the industry focus relies on reducing expensive labour cost where MultiOne has become known worldwide for agricultural equipment innovation.

The range of MultiOne farming loaders targets this unique farming application and in many cases, provide better solutions than existing small tractors and all terrain forklifts. Due to its all-terrain capabilities and telescopic booms, MultiOne agricultural loaders and small tractors can assist modern farmers in a far more cost-effective manner to handle materials, do general maintenance on farms, and in extreme cases assist with farming development on a smaller scale.

MultiOne SA offers a wide range of expertly designed, innovative and dependable multipurpose loaders with a wide array of farming implements that can be interchanged in seconds to satisfy the agricultural and farming equipment needs of the modern farmer. High quality design and dependable components ensure you can rely on MultiOne farming loaders to perform effortlessly and without complication.

The commitment of MultiOne lies in collaborating with our customers to ensure continuous development of productive and reliable farming equipment to meet the standards and challenges of the South African farming community. A national dealer network ensures support is a phone call away and spares availability is guaranteed to provide ease of mind and keeping your farming operations on track.

MultiOne farming loaders lift higher, lift more weight, consumes less fuel, has better traction and are far more cost effective to operate and own than traditional forklifts and skid steers used by farmers.

MultiOne farming loaders can easily tackle day to day tasks on the farm, but is still compact enough to be used in buildings, sheds and barns where other machines cannot gain access.

Thanks to the versatility, the telescopic boom and the agility, MultiOne can replace a conventional forklift or tractor. They are light to transport and can easily be moved from site to site behind commercial bakkies and pickups on a small trailer. With an Italian heritage MultiOne design engineers dedicated a lot of time to provide very unique vineyard and wine farm applications and solutions. The vineyard attachments are equally popular in the South African winelands and wine producing territories.

Many attachments are available for cleaning and maintenance on farms as well as stock feeding and horse stable and arena maintenance. Chicken and poultry farmers in turn benefit greatly from the materials handling and cleaning capabilities of these extremely compact and manoeuvrable agricultural and farming loaders. Below are a few examples of attachments available to turn your MultiOne farming loader into a unique small tractor fit for any farming purpose:

  • Vineyard and Hedge Trimmers for maintaining orchards, vineyards and other plantations
  • Vibrating Head-Tree Shaker & Collector with a shaking and collecting system for harvesting olives, and macadamia nuts as well as other nut varieties
  • Tipping Dumper in steel and stainless formats for harvesting and crop collecting or bin loading
  • Branch and Cane Cutting Bars for orchard maintenance and sugar cane harvesting
  • Spraying Bars in different formats for seedlings or crops alike
  • Silage Forks for silage and hay distribution and loading
  • Square Bale Clamps for large square and rectangular bale stacking and handling
  • Shoot Removers for vineyards and orchards
  • Rotary Tillers for seedbed preparations
  • Rotary Ploughs for small scale agricultural applications
  • Rippers
  • Power Rakes
  • Manure Forks for cleaning horse stables, pigsties, cattle feedlots and sheep kraal manure
  • Horse Arena Harrows
  • Feed Dispensers for feedlots of all sorts
  • Hives Lifters unique for bee farmers to uncomplicate hives handling
  • Round Bale Grabs for wrapped and round bales, can be triple stacked with telescopic boom
  • Bale Forks for general bale handling
  • Inter Row Mower for orchard and vineyard maintenance
  • Rubber Scraper for chicken house cleaning and maintenance as well as stable and general scaping applications
  • Vineyard Tool Carrier- an all in one tool designed to provide every single tool needed for vineyard maintenance in one go.
  • Silage Cutting Buckets
  • Vineyard Sprayers
  • Big bag lifter for feedbags and fertiliser
  • Forklift attachments with normal and side shift capabilities

From small versatile compact tractors to larger material handlers, MultiOne mini loaders are capable of lifting loads up to two tonnes and provide extraordinary reach for a small tractor making it an ideal choice over traditional small tractors and skid steers. For unlocking the full potential of your farming operation, look no further than the impressive range of MultiOne farming machines and attachments.