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Forestry Loaders

Forestry equipment, loaders and loggers are traditionally associated with large machinery and bulk earthmoving applications. However not all forestry applications require large machinery and the versatility of MultiOne multifunctional loaders make them the ideal partner for light work in this environment.

The loaders are small enough to get into spaces where manual and intensive labour is normally required. MultiOne compact loaders enable the forestry contractor to substitute manual labour with mechanised solutions offered via the extensive range of MultiOne forestry attachments. In addition, the top end models of MultiOne compact loaders are robust and big enough to be utilised for smaller loading operations with a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes and in this regard easily substitute other smaller loaders for light loading task in smaller operations. The multifunctionality means that the mini loader will also be utilised for ancillary tasks via the easy attachment coupling system and boast all terrain superior traction any condition or terrain to double as all terrain loaders and forklifts.

In South African territories farmers and foresters have to deal daily with hard wood species infestation like sekelbos, slangbos, swarthaak, presopis and wattle to name a few. For this bush clearing application MultiOne SA offers impressive mulcher attachments with cutting diameters up to 10 cm. in addition the telescopic boom of the compact loader allows the operator to come down on the bush form the top and work it easily into a pile of woodchips and pulp. These forestry mulchers are heavy duty, robust and manufactured by Berti. It is suitable and backwards compatible with all brands of skid steers, TLB’s, mini loaders and mini excavators. These mulchers are suitable not just for forestry jobs but for all sorts of greenspace maintenance by eliminating vegetation such as branches, tree trunks and stumps.2For smaller shrubs and undergrowth, a HD flail mower is more suitable and mobile to act not only as a slasher but also enabling the operator to cut veld grass and smaller growth up to 35mm in diameter. This attachment is also very popular for forestry plantation management to get rid of undergrowth in a cost effective and efficient manner. It doubles as the perfect tool to create and maintain fire curb and fire roads as well. The below video demonstrates the speed and effectiveness of this flail mower or slasher attachment.

For slightly bigger trees the MultiOne forestry loader can be equipped with two types of tree shears that will enable the user to cut trees up to a whopping 20 cm in trunk diameter. This versatile and effective attachment makes light work of bigger growth and is able to chop the wood into more manageable pieces once it has been cut down. See the below short clip for a quick demonstration.

Tree clamp or log grab attachments are available to easily load logs, smaller timber bundles and piles onto trucks. Timber grabs can rotate loads and get logs out of confined spaces where needed. Alternatively, a versatile winch attachment can be attached to move timber and logs from inaccessible areas in a jiffy.


For the DIY and smaller contractor, we offer a wood chipping attachments or bio shredders, firewood or log splitters and dumpers to transport smaller timber loads. Why not load you logs on the back of you tipping trailer and transport it out of difficult sites inaccessible for bigger loggers. On request, we can attach industrial type log splitters to you MultiOne compact loader for professional applications as can be seen in the below video.


MultiOne forestry loaders applications are not designed to replace traditional forestry loggers and equipment but rather serves as a handy alternative and additional tool to enable contractors to increase productivity and output. Our versatile and multifunction loader range allows for more options in the workplace to increase the workflow and production as the loader can be utilised for many additional task with over 170 hydraulic attachments that can be changed in seconds.

Call us today or visit our showrooms to discuss options for your forestry applications and timber operations. Visit our you tube channel “MultiOne SA” for an interactive display and practical videos of the MultiOne mini loaders in action.