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The MultiOne range of compact mini loaders easily transforms into ideal mini trenchers, augers, mini diggers and mini excavators by snapping on a task ready attachment for the particular application. Turning your MultiOne mini loader into a mini excavator is instantly achieved by either attaching a mini digger attachment to dig up to depths of 1.5 meters for smaller jobs, or fit a fully functional backhoe to dig up to 2.6 meters.

MultiOne mini excavators are used in a variety of construction, plumbing, irrigation and building applications including road-building, municipal works, pipe and cable laying, landscaping, water irrigation projects and more. MultiOne mini excavators are tough, reliable, efficient and easy to operate and service. Mini digger and mini excavation applications are made easy by various custom bucket sizes available off the shelf to dig from 25-70cm, whilst keeping the process of changing buckets simple. MultiOne mini excavators and mini diggers can be used wherever digging is required i.e. trenches, dams, foundations for housing, graves etc.

Our MultiOne mini excavators are small and lightweight enough to transport quickly from site to site yet tough enough for the most demanding jobs. The small size of mini diggers mean they can be maneuvered in confined areas and are light enough not to damage to the landscape due to the articulated chassis.

In addition to the range of digging attachments mentioned above, MultiOne SA offers a complete and extensive range of earth drills, earth augers and post hole drills to fit onto our mini loaders. Sizes for earth augers range from 100mm to 1000mm and torque ranges up to 8000nm. The attachment coupling is designed in a unique way to ensure the operators has perfect visibility on the attachment at all times. If your project requires digging holes for building a fence, planting poles or transplanting trees, MultiOne mini loaders with an auger attachment auger will save you time and money whether as a professional contractor or DIY enthusiast.

MultiOne Mini trenchers and small trencher attachments turn your MultiOne compact loader into a dedicated trenching unit in no time. Tackle tough trenching jobs in hard soil conditions with the MultiOne trencher attachment to cut into the ground and create a trench in any soil condition.

The trencher is designed with the power and strength to dig in even the toughest, rocky soil types, whilst the articulated loader allows you to get into tight spots close to buildings fences and other obstructions. Our trenchers can be equipped with different teeth and chain configurations to maximize trenching capabilities in different soil conditions. The trencher is the ideal attachment for maintenance contractors, municipalities, landscaping contractors, and rental companies that requires a reliable and robust solution to dig trenches up to 900mm and 300mm wide for irrigation lines, power cables or optic fibre cables.


Multiple Attachments make MultiOne mini excavators more than just one-trick digging machines. MultiOne mini diggers and mini excavators can be equipped with these tailor-made digging attachments:

  • Mini digger arms attaching straight onto the boom of the MultiOne mini loader
  • Complete backhoes attaching to the front of the machine for perfect operator visibility
  • Trenchers for hard ground
  • Trenchers or asphalt, tar and concrete
  • Augers
  • Earth drills
  • Multipurpose buckets

MultiOne mini excavators and mini diggers have earned a reputation in the local market as tough and reliable backed up by a superb nationwide dealer network to provide sales, spares for aftersales service. MultiOne mini excavators and mini diggers remains the smart choice for contractors looking for quality, performance, design and multifunctionality.

When considering to buy a mini excavator or mini digger, look no further than the MultiOne range of mini loaders suited for trenching and excavating as well as a broad range of utility work. It is not only faster and more efficient than skid steers or normal mini excavators but it is also nimbler, more economical and has a lighter footprint.