11 Series


Product Description

The new MultiOne flagship. The new market benchmark.

The introduction of the 11 Series MultiOne raised the bar once again in the mini loader segment.

The 11.5Y models come standard with a 50 Hp Yanmar 4 Cylinder engine, produces 85 l/m auxiliary oil flow to attachments can lift loads to a respectable 3.7 meters heigh.

However, with more ground clearance and an enhanced boom, this mini loader can lift 2.3 tons whilst the total load of the loader is 2.8 tons.

This will enable contractors to finally offload cement pallets at a greatly reduced cost of ownership when compared to big forklifts and bigger loaders. The loader is equipped like the 8.4 with a standard double speed feature to reach speeds of 25 km/h with ease. Still transportable legally via road on a double axel trailer, the 11 Series will certainly fill a gap in the ever-growing market for versatile multipurpose loader5s.

Standard Features

•Yanmar 4TNV88 4 cyl., 2190 cc, diesel engine, water-cooled with electric start, glow plug
• OneDrive System: DBS (Dynamic Block System) and Cruise Control (optional) activated by Joystick
• ACI with Multi-functions joystick (16 functions)
• Unbreakable Body Panels
• 2 Speed
• Hydraulically pilot-operated variable displacement drive pump
• Hi-Flow system
• Self-locking multi-disk parking brake
• Self-levelling double-H telescopic boom
• Radial Piston high efficiency and heavy duty wheel motors
• 4WD hydrostatic Direct Drive motors, proportional servo control
• Hydraulic oil cooler
• Hydraulic multi connector
• LCD graphic display with programmed service
• 2 front working light
• Fully adjustable suspension heated seat with armrests and seat belt

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The 11.5 Y comes with all the new astonishing MultiOne features like OneDrive, Cruise Control, ACI and Unbreakable Body Panels.

The 11 series set the standard of high speed, tipping load, and lifting height.

Simply the best-in-class multifunctional compact loader.