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Modern construction companies are all about considering the cost of ownership, increased productivity and multi-function utilisation of construction equipment purchased. How can you do more in less time? That’s the universal challenge facing all construction contractors. With this in mind it makes a lot of sense to consider skid steer alternatives and skid steer variants while investing in compact construction loaders of the modern era. Articulated compact wheeled loaders will become more popular in future with contractors as the construction equipment market becomes more competitive by the day.

The range of MultiOne construction loaders offer the user safe, easy operation that requires no specialist training for operators. These user and environmentally friendly machines give you the productivity you need to get the job done. The articulated loaders in the MultiOne stable comes equipped with all-wheel drive, small overall dimensions, light weight and has a small turning radius and compact structure. Multione construction loaders are ideally suited for urban infrastructure roads, construction sites, plants and workshop, warehouses, ports, and other narrow places. In addition, it can also be utilised in large construction machinery and logistics support, site cleaning, project ending and other operations.

Numerous dedicated construction attachments are available to interchange in seconds to perform loading, grading, shovelling, stacking, lifting, digging, boring, breaking, grabbing, pushing, scarification, trenching, road cleaning and road surface compacting and many other operations. Telescopic booms are standard on all loaders and gives MultiOne construction machines the capability to lift loads to 3.3 meters and allows for reach in tight spots like cleaning under conveyor belts. Popular construction applications include transportation of building materials – such as bricks, concrete, cement, pipes, metal bars, digging tools and sweeping over short distances.

Multione skid steer alternatives deliver superb auxiliary oil flow to the range of construction attachments available providing you with superior productivity and performance on jobs of all sizes.

Popular attachments include:

  • General purpose buckets, high volume buckets, grapple buckets, multipurpose buckets and high tip buckets of all shapes and sizes
  • Cold planers and mills for asphalt milling
  • Asphalt and tar road finishers
  • Cement mixers
  • Concrete mixers
  • Crushing buckets for backfilling
  • Dozer blades as well as complete laser adjusted grader attachments
  • Cutter crushers for demolition
  • Hydraulic breakers and rammers
  • Screening buckets
  • Jib cranes for rigging
  • Pallet forks in may configurations for materials handling
  • Backhoes
  • Mini diggers
  • Trenchers and augers in any configuration and size including asphalt and concrete trenchers
  • Sweeper and collecting brooms

With best-in-class performance and impressive torque ranges, these rugged multipurpose compact loader models deliver power to every work cycle. All round visibility and operator comfort is another added benefit over skid steer competitors. Multione mini loaders offer top class construction equipment to handle any job, boast 170 different interchangeable hydraulic attachments, and has an excellent dealer network for parts, service and support.

Multione compact wheel loaders and construction loaders are designed to provide operators with a machine and working environment that enhances productivity, efficiency and profitability. Coupled with the comparative low ownership and operation cost over skid steers, it makes sense that MultiOne construction machines and construction loaders gained popularity during the last two decades, especially in urban engineering projects, plant rental companies and small earthmoving works. Get yours today or call us for a quote toll free on 0860 (MULTIONE) 685-846.