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The range of compact loaders from MultiOne SA is aimed at providing total solutions to South African Farmers and agricultural business. MultiOne farming loaders can easily tackle typical tasks on your farm or smallholding, yet it is still compact enough to be used in buildings where other machines cannot gain access.

Thanks to the versatility, to the telescopic boom and the agility MultiOne can replace a conventional farming loader. With machines built for multiple tasks, farmers can rely on MultiOne compact farming loaders.

Our machines are engineered for the agricultural industry, backed up with dependable support and service throughout South Africa. We deliver a wide range of solutions to help agricultural producers and farmers improve productivity and efficiency with this range of multipurpose loaders. Our farming loaders transform into multi-functional machines that increase not only efficiency but also productivity and thus reducing escalating labour cost.

Trough continuous development MultiOne SA will ensure the development of new solutions, improving and expanding our range of agricultural machines to meet our customers’ future needs and expectations.

Designed with tremendous power to weight ratio and compact form factor, our farming loaders and agricultural machines can get into tight spaces and quickly enable you to distribute bulk material to heights of up to 3.3 meters via telescopic booms. The MultiOne range of multipurpose loaders provide farmers with tailor made solutions and enable you to snap on the following attachments on your mini loader:

  • Square bale clamp for rectangular and square bale configurations
  • Bucket of all shapes, size and configurations for feed and material loading
  • Round bale grabs and bale forks
  • Feed dispensers
  • Silage cutting buckets
  • Silage forks and grabs
  • Manure forks for ultimate maintenance of feedlots
  • Rubber scrapers for cleaning stables, barns, chicken houses
  • Extensive range of branch trimmers and hedge cutters
  • Flail mowers and mulchers
  • An extensive range of vineyard tools for vineyard maintenance
  • Olive tree and nut tree shakers and collectors for pecan nuts and macadamia nuts
  • Sprayers of all sorts
  • Horse arena harrows for maintenance of horse arenas
  • Pallet forks, jib booms and log grabs


The above is merely representing a list of popular attachments for the farming and agricultural industry. Many more solutions are available and more are being developed every day.

Successful farmers invest in machines that are powerful, easy to use and capable of performing at their best in the toughest conditions with unrivalled traction and off road capabilities. Our technology and design will reduce diesel consumption and operating costs by up to 6 times in comparison to common competitors and skid steer alternatives. For fast and efficient solutions in your farming business look no further than the range of MultiOne agricultural machines and attachments.