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Greencare Loaders

Multione multipurpose loaders are perfect tools for landscapers and contractors working in landscaping and green care environments. The lightweight construction of our compact loaders and landscaping equipment ensures that they are nimble and easy on the terrain causing absolutely no damage whatsoever to green areas and paved areas unlike heavier skid steer alternatives. In addition, the machines articulate which prevents damage to sensitive areas. Skid steers turn on their own axis and regardless of the brand, all have one thing in common, they ruin any cultivated, levelled and paved terrain. At MultiOne SA we further offer optional grass profile tyres on all our mini loaders in the model line-up to enhance the capabilities of these ideal landscaping and green care machines.

Landscaping and green care equipment comes in all forms and sizes to assist contractors with the various tasks and challenges. Again, the MultiOne multipurpose machine is the ideal choice as one machine can fulfil many functions of other types of plant, eliminating the need for bigger fleets. The loaders are light in construction and with weights under two tones they can easily be transported behind commercial pickups or bakkies on a lightweight trailer from site to site.


Snapping on a different attachment make life easy for all green care and landscaping contractors. We have a wide range of attachments for tree care, lawn care, grounds care and turf care. Some of the handy and popular landscaping attachments include but are not limited to:

  • A vase or drum clamp which is very handy for nurseries to transport heavy pots and plants or drums.
  • Spike as well as core aerators for preparations of lawns and general greens maintenance.
  • Flail mower and side flail mowers of all shapes and sizes with telescopic shifting arms to reach difficult areas like roadsides, embankments or sloped areas. The flail mowers or slashers come in HD configurations which enables the MultiOne green care equipment to cut shrubs and small undergrowth up to 2cm in diameter while simultaneously mulching it.
  • Sickle bar mowers for lucerne or wild grass cutting.
  • Lawnmowers with mulching kits and rear dischargers as well as collecting lawnmowers outperforming any ride on lawnmower in terms of speed and volume.
  • Hedge and branch cutters for orchard maintenance and vineyard maintenance.
  • Weed brushes to clean growth and debris from paved areas and curbs.
  • Leaves vacuums to collect fallen leaves and vegetation from parks and recreational areas
  • Levellers, ripper and buckets to prepare and level green areas.
  • Stone burriers and harrows or tillers to prepare seedbeds and lawns.
  • Hydro seeding units for quick green area preparation.


Multione landscaping machines are the perfect solution for contractors looking for versatility, increase in production and output as well as cost effective ownership. All our landscaping loaders come with light Yanmar diesel power plants which provide best in class fuel consumption and torque output. Standard equipment includes telescopic booms for easier loading and getting to hard to reach places. Our compact landscaping machines have hydrostatic permanent 4×4 drivetrains which will enable the operator to tackle even the toughest terrain without effort.


The smallest compact loader aka landscaping machine weighs a mere 680 kilos and is able to lift 550kg’s with oil flow to the attachments of 42 l/m. Compact design and innovative features make the 2 Series the most competitive landscaping machines of their category, the best solution for DIY activity or professionals. For a quick overview play the below video of this unique little loader:

If you task at hand involves landscape design & building, irrigation, soil preparation, tree installation or is nursery related MultiOne landscaping machines and attachments gives your workforce the versatility to tackle a wider variety of applications to grow your business.

Backed up by our professional dealer network you have peace of mind for quick and responsive support anywhere in South Africa. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the range of MultiOne landscaping machines will ensure you work faster, instead of harder. Increase your profitability and productivity with Multione landscaping and green care machines. Call us today or visit any of our dealers for a demo of our impressive line-up of multipurpose loaders.