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This month MultiOne SA showcased the “Carbon Edition” mini loader at a publicity event. We were overwhelmed by the public reaction and the black carbon coloured MultiOne, the first and only of its kind in the world, sparked great enthusiasm amongst our customers.

After numerous enquiries and requests by prospective customers to provide a more flexible approach towards cosmetic and styling options, we finally decided to give it a go and enlisted a number of automotive aftermarket companies to assist in beautifying a construction machine that normally never warrants the attention nor effort from it owners. Given that the MultiOne brand has become synonymous with style and quality in the South African market, we did not hesitate to invest in the project to proof that technology and style are indeed in harmony.”

The modular design and universal platform of the new range of mini loaders make it very cost effective to pimp you MultiOne. Covers are firstly removed and the polyethylene substance ensures a perfect finish in any colour imaginable, even in a carbon fibre finish. This is either accomplished by wet dipping or colour impregnation via a secret aftermarket process. Cylinders are removed and resprayed to match the colour scheme. Lastly the entire cockpit gets reworked by plush leather colouring of the luxury suspension seats and steering wheels get a splash of colour too. class=”” 

Should you be interested in an aftermarket or branded kit for you existing or new loader, do not hesitate to contact us for pricing. As it does not form part of the core business of MultiOne, we will ensure it is done at cost price and refer you to the relevant service providers. Why not have your little loader branded in the colours of your favourite rugby team to show your support?

Have a look at the YouTube clip below for 3d visuals: