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MultiOne SA is proud to announce the arrival of a number of new attachments for our range of compact mini loaders, adding to the already impressive lineup of over 170 different attachments available. While some of the hydraulic attachments improve or replace dated ones, quite a number of new attachments has been developed by MultiOne SRL to cater for customer demands and needs. Continuous development and research ensures MultiOne stays ahead of our competitors by focusing on practical cost effective solutions rather than developing numerous impractical and often undersized inferior attachments.

Tree Shears / Bush cutter

For the tough South African indigenous bushes and trees, MultiOne developed a robust, durable and reliable solution for bush clearing with the introduction of dual options for tree shears.

The MultiOne tree shear is a combination of a grapple to grab and safely control trees or branches and a powerful cutting shear to harvest the tree. Through the reach of the MultiOne’s telescopic boom, this unit can also be used to prune branches, and clear scrub growth in difficult to reach places. Farmers looking for solution to rid game and cattle farms from sekelbos, swarthaak, soetdoring etc. need to look no further than the MultiOne tree shear. The unit comes in two options for varying cutting diameters. MultiOne 7 Series and upwards forestry machines are ideally compatible with the tree shears.

We have developed two additional new attachments to the estate and property maintenance attachments for your MultiOne maintenance machine namely a weed bush and leaf vacuum.

Weed Brush

 weed brush

A hydrostatic drive motor, tilt or angle adjuster, and a specially designed steel brush are combined to create an effective system to remove weed and plant growth from large paved areas, roads, driveways, parking lots or pavement joints. The brush angle adjustment allows easy cleaning along walkway edges or along walled areas and even staircases. The weed brush is an effective tool for cleaning walkways, bike paths, car parks, school yards, general sweeping and even stubborn mud removal, making this a very flexible addition to your maintenance mini loader. MultiOne 5 Series clean-up machines and upwards are compatible with this attachment.

Leaves Vacuum

leaves vacuum

The leaf vacuum is the perfect attachment for general maintenance clearing large areas in a jiffy of dust and leaves or other light debris. This attachment offers tremendous suction for collecting leaves, grass clippings, and other loose debris. The rotary side brush extends the cleaning area sweeping hard to reach angles and corners. The optional 5 Meter hand held hose allows you to clean tight work areas, flower beds, along fences, and many other hard-to-reach locations. The leaf vacuum is equipped with a hydraulic opening for easy and automatic disposal of the collected material.

Vineyard and orchard attachments got a facelift as well as a complete new range of attachments turning your farming loader into the perfect tool for orchard and vineyard maintenance.

Improved Shoot remover

shoot remover

The MultiOne shoot remover is an ideal tool for the removal of weeds and plant shoots from around trees or vines. Hydraulically powered, it gently removes the shoots without causing tree trunk or vine damage. The shoot remover frame can be offset to the right to allow for variable working conditions. Replacement of the long lasting rubber strings is quick and easy. All MultiOne agricultural machines are compatible with this inexpensive and effective attachment.

Vineyard Tool Carrier

Vineyard Tool Carrier

MultiOne’s vineyard tool carrier is a multi-functional tool carrier for a wide range of vineyard attachments. This tool carrier for vineyards is equipped with an electro-hydraulic distributor with 4 functions (roll back / tilt head / side extension / height) operated through a joystick positioned in the operator’s cab or your MultiOne agricultural loader. The MultiOne 5 Series and upwards work well on these attachments providing you with a truly unique vineyard machine. The base module snaps on the following separate modules changing it instantly into a completely different tool:


Our landscaping attachments line-up saw the addition of the ingenious mobile hydroseeder attachment making your already versatile MultiOne landscaping machine more effective and mobile with this truly remarkable attachment. Landscapers and green care professionals will particularly benefit from these attachments. Our MultiOne landscaping and green care machines from 7 Series and upwards are compatible with these attachments due to the weight of the large water vessel.



A hydroseeder is a machine that attaches a nozzle, pump and hose to a holding tank. Water, seeds, mulch and nutrients, such as lime and fertilizer, can be mixed in the tank and sprayed by low pressure onto a large area of a yard. Using a hydroseeder saves both time and money when repeated applications are needed in the same area. Additionally, a hydroseeder’s water spray spreads seeds and other elements quickly and provides instant moisture. The mulch provides a protective layer over the seeds. The result is typically a faster growing lawn or garden bed than can be achieved by traditional methods.
The MultiOne Hydroseeder is the ideal tool for the entry level hydro seeding professional. This unit is a versatile solution for those who are entering this business, such as gardeners and landscape contractors. The hydroseeder tank is equipped with a hydraulically powered agitator that enables heavier hydro mulch mixes to be applied. The system includes a 10 m (33 ft) hose and a set of three nozzles.

All our attachments for farming, agriculture, cleaning, landscaping, green care, vineyards, forestry, digging and construction are compatible with most skid steers on the South African market and fit seamlessly on competitor brands. For detailed spec sheets and operational videos, please visit our informative and detailed attachments pages and click on the relevant options for your MultiOne multifunction machines or email us at [email protected]

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