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Multione is proud to introduce the 5 Series range of compact mini loaders. The existing S525 model had undergone a facelift to incorporate some of the new range architecture and design introduced in 2015 to make this offering even more attractive. It still utilises the Kubota power plant but the rest of its features had been redesigned or underwent a makeover. The most affordable telescopic mini loader in its range, the S525 offers superb value for money and versatility for landscapers, farmers or smaller construction contractors looking for a lightweight offering that can still get the job done.

The hugely successful S630 telescopic mini loader was subjected to the same treatment now offering the same posterior design of the new 6 Series. The S630+ will be rebranded worldwide as the 5.3 Series as from 2016. Pricing has remain unchanged and the 5 Series offered by MultiOne SA extends the competitive advantage this product has become known for, being quality performance machines, superior lifting capacity and hydraulic performance with no compromise of reliability. Built to the same top quality European standards as the rest of the MultiOne articulated compact loaders, the newly dubbed 5.3 model will continue to impress and satisfy customers with its impressive auxiliary flow to attachments and lifting capacities as well as a 3m reach with the boom fully extended. The 5.3 remains the entry level offering compatible with most of the 170 attachments offered by MultiOne. As a construction loader, farming loader, landscaping machine, green care machine or compact loader, the 5.3 is the ultimate in affordability and performance. For budget machines in all sectors like farming, landscaping, forestry, green care, DIY, construction and maintenance, look no further than the newly designed 5 Series loaders of Multione.

The S630+ and S525 mini loader models will make way for the two new 5 Series models officially available from MultiOne SA as from 1 April 2016.


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