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Ready to rent a MultiOne® compact loader?

MultiOne SA is proud to announce that an agreement was reached with local rental company Littleloaders ( recently to offer a national rental solution and footprint of our compact loaders and attachments.

Littleloaders offers a diverse product range of multiple rental solutions like mini loaders, mini excavators, mini diggers, skid steers, all terrain forklifts, compact equipment and many more. The MultiOne range of mini articulated loaders will however be the compact loader of choice in the small loader fleet of Littleloaders.

The Strengths of MultiOne compact articulated loaders versus Skid steers are:

  • Versatility – through multiple hydraulic attachments that can be changed in seconds. MultiOne offers more than 170 Attachments, more than any other competitor or skid steer manufacturer. Our compact loaders are versatile enough for either commercial or domestic use.
  • Performance– MultiOne mini loaders have a superb power to weight ratio making it far more fuel efficient than any skid steer. The reduced weight of our articulated loaders and utilisation of sophisticated drive trains ensures the terrain is not damaged at all, even the most delicate of surfaces like lawns and green areas. This in turn reduces tyre wear by up to six times compared to skid loaders. Superior traction and hydraulic diff locks enable MultiOne to work on any elevation or uneven terrain.
  • Design– The unique design of MultiOne mini loaders offers the operator all round visibility ensuring safety. Simple and user friendly controls like steering wheels and multifunction joysticks contribute to ease of operation. Operators require far less skills than comparative skid steer models of today, making quick work of any task.
  • Power – MultiOne offers the biggest compact articulated loader in its class with the addition of the 10.8 Series. Weighing just over 2 tons, these loaders has a lifting capacity of over 2500 kg’s out performing any competitor or skid steer in this operating weight class. Double H-frame booms ensure more lifting capacity and telescopic booms standard on all MultiOne mini loaders ensures a higher lift than comparative skid loaders. Litlleloaders will be first to offer this capable machine for rent to eager customers.

The flexibility, performance and productivity you’re looking for in MultiOne mini loaders are now just a click away. Why not contact Littleloaders to arrange a demo for the loader of your choice?

Litlleloaders will work with you to design a solution to help you grow your business while managing risk and controlling costs – and all at highly competitive rates. Examples include but are not limited to grading and levelling, spillage loading, digging, site clearing, all terrain fork lifts, trenching, auger work, landscaping, construction and property improvement, demolition and general construction work like sweeping and concrete mixing.

Their fleet of mini loaders are maintained on site with 24 hours turnaround services and repairs to continually monitor and ensure they remain in peak condition to keep your business moving.

Negotiations are underway to set up an exclusive and national attachments warehouse to accommodate existing customers with rental options for the entire attachment range offered by MultiOne. The object is to ensure that these hydraulic attachments can fit seamlessly on all other articulated loaders and skid steer competitors by utilising adaptor options-

“The MultiOne difference…Evolution of the mini loader.”