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The impressive range of existing attachments offered by MultiOne SA just got bigger with the addition of various new innovative concepts aimed at Construction, DIY, Farming and Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Maintenance, Landscaping, Green Care, Excavation and Digging.

The new additions can be found under the respective attachment categories of the “Attachments” tab of the website and are all categorised in terms of application and industry.

big-bag-lifterIn no order of importance these are:

Big Bag Lifter: This attachment allows loading big bags of fertiliser, seed corn, pellets, sand, logs and much more. The rounded anti-swing side bars prevents bags swinging, reducing strain on the loader and increases operator control whether unloading, transporting or filling of drills and spreaders. The heavy-duty construction has been widely tested, proving to be robust, reliable and durable.

pallet-forks-with-side-liftPallet Forks with side shift: This new hydraulic attachment comes in handy when working in tight areas or along narrow aisles. The attachment was developed for easier handling of varying pallet sizes without leaving the operator’s seat. The forks can also be moved to the left or to the right, making it possible to shift the load to the side of the machine. All functions can be operated from the driver’s seat.

vaccuum-sweeperVacuum Sweeper: An all new powerful vacuum sweeper for larger areas with side brushes and water spraying assemblies to reduce dust. The vacuum sweeper sweeps, collects and dumps dirt and debris. Perfect for cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, docks and warehouses. The MultiOne Vacuum Sweeper is equipped with a floating attachment bracket and 3 support wheels that guarantee smooth and easy operations.

The side rotary brushes are regulated through a hydraulic system that allows adjustment of the brushes for variable cleaning surfaces and areas. The vacuum filter is equipped with a cleaning system that uses vibrations to keep it clean and efficient.

power-harrowPower Harrow: The power harrow is an attachment developed for the preparation of seedbeds. It rotavates only the topsoil and produces a perfect surface for sowing or planting. In addition it is used for topsoil levelling whilst also eliminating weed growth.

This attachment can be equipped with the optional seeding unit and in this way it prepares the soil whilst sowing in a single pass.

hd-flail-mowerHD Flail Mower: The HD range of MultiOne flail mowers are capable to mow and mulch branches with a diameter of 35mm, making it the ideal tool for clearing undergrowth, hedgerows, small growth bushes, all kinds of grass and branches. Ideal for cleaning orchards, forest undergrowth, canals, shores or for the simple grounkeeping of farms, parks or gardens in general.

The design and development of flail mower heads includes the addition of high performance hammers and knives. All models can be fitted with hammer blades, suitable for cutting bushes and woody vegetation and mulching up to a diameter of 5 inches. Also suitable for excavators from 1.2 to 25 tonnes, fitted with priority flow control valves.

square-bales-clampSquare Bale Clamp: With a 100% galvanized frame this attachment is suitable for bales from 70 – 245 cm. No sharp edges are present to damage sensitive wrapping or packaging. This attachment was especially developed to load and transport and round and square bales as well stacking of all types of bales (haylage, hay and straw). The special design of the large clamp arms allows for smooth gripping without causing damage.


rubber-scraperRubber Scraper: This attachment comes with a 100% galvanized frame, a large rubber scraper blade with steel reinforcements. It has movable edges to adjust the cleaning surface. The MultiOne rubber scraper is the ideal tool to clean smooth surfaces on farms, chicken houses, buildings, public areas and yards for improved hygiene and less slippery underfoot conditions.