HD Flail Mower

Product overview

The HD range of MultiOne flail mowers are designed and manufactured by Zappator in Italy. These mowers are capable to mow branches with a diameter of 35mm, making it the ideal tool for clearing undergrowth, hedgerows, small growth bushes, all kinds of grass and branches. Ideal for cleaning orchards, forest undergrowth, canals, shores or for the simple grounkeeping of farms, parks or gardens in general.

The design and development of flail mower heads are focussed on the addition of high performance hammers and knives.  All models can be fitted with hammer blades, suitable for cutting bushes and woody vegetation up to a diameter of 5 inches. Also suitable for excavators from 1.2 to 25 tonnes, fitted with priority flow control valves.

Two models are available as per the below spec sheet.


150 HD Model

175 HD Model


30 mm
35 mm


560 kg
610 kg