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MultiOne Launches New 8 Series Compact mini loader.

The introduction of the 8 Series Multione mini loaders during the course of 2015 heralded a milestone in the local market for compact machines proving not only to be incredibly reliable but also having the perfect balance between power and size. The 8 Series offerings also included the 8.4S model which had a double speed option for reduced travel time between jobs. Many regarded the MultiOne 8.4S as the ideal companion for DIY, construction and farm applications alike. A Telescopic H-Frame boom, 2050 kgf pushing force and 72 l/m auxiliary hydraulic oil flow completed the package. Lifting height remains at an impressive 2.98 meters and the weight is capped at 1680 kg’s. Still small enough to be legally transported on our roads with a double axle trailer, the playing fields with traditional skid steers and bigger mid-size loaders are everything but even. The most exiting part of this success story is that this small articulated loader model has just seen a complete makeover elevating it to a very exiting new level in the local market of small multifunctional loaders.

How exactly can we possibly better the 8.4S MultiOne?

Enter the MultiOne 8.4S K model!



NEW Engine / Power Plant

By replacing the already superb Yanmar 3TNV88 (40 hp) with a modern high torque Kubota V1505, 4-cylinder, diesel engine, water cooled, electric start Stage IIIA 37.5 HP/97 Nm unit. Although slightly down in HP the torque range of this engine is far superior to the predecessor. This further enables the mini loader to reach speeds of 26 km/h, 67 l/m aux flow, and incorporating the very exiting OneDrive transmission module. The Kubota engine is fit to operate in SA despite the modern emissions standards it complies with.



NEW OneDrive Technology

The MultiOne 8.4SK model introduces the new OneDrive system to the mini loader market, which is 30% more efficient on the transmission system of MultiOne. The system, which brings MultiOne to top-level performance standards, ensures lower fuel consumption, less heat being generated and flexible smooth control of the loader speed. OneDrive allows the operator to increase the loader’s top speed. In summary: More efficiency, less power loss, more power available for tasks. The unique feature of the OneDrive is that all functions and wheel motor controls are built into one valve with custom features and solutions. The system has the minimum number of hoses and fittings to reduce maintenance. The hydrostatic pump is also custom built to increase the control and power output in any working conditions. The OneDrive system has now built-in the Torque Divider and the DBS also present in the predecessor but only more efficient and effective.



NEW A.C.I System

A.C.I. an acronym for Attachment Control Interface. ACI makes all the attachments virtually Plug & Play. The joystick with the ACI enabled lets the operator control all functions on board the attachments at his fingertips. To ensure maximum productivity, the operator can now engage all the movements without taking his hand off the joystick. It improves driver comfort for long hours operation. The metal plug on the boom is super reliable, easy to repair without the need for tools and connection.  The custom valve control allows multiple movements at the same time. Running complicated attachments has never been so easy. ACI is standard option on the MultiOne 8 Series.



NEW Unbreakable Body Panels

The next generation MultiOne 8.4SK models are now equipped with the new Indestructible Body Panels. The new compound is freezing resistant and UV protected for outstanding reliability in performance in all weather conditions. This will in turn ensure that you MultiOne mini loader remains in year-round good cosmetic condition. The resistance and flexibility of the compound used let the panel absorb shocks, deforms and go back to original shape. The matt finishing on the surface gives it a professional look and the covers are almost impossible to break. For all MultiOne owners this option is now standard and certainly from a cost of ownership perspective, a move in the right direction.


NEW Cruise Control

Cruise Control is now standard on MultiOne 8.4SK. This unique feature is an extremely handy aid to multiple jobs when the loader has to maintain a constant speed. For any landscaping applications, mowing and terrain preparations, or just when you travel from point A to B: just hold the trigger, which can be configured to engage the Track Lock as well, and the loader will maintain a perfectly constant speed no matter the slope and the terrain. The Cruise Control helps the driver to control the loader speed for property maintenance, like sweeping, or on debris removal; the operator no longer needs to adjust the speed with the foot pedals.



NEW Venting Aircon System

As the 8 Series is also compatible wit the enclosed cabin and aircon option for MultiOne compact mini loaders, it makes sense to upgrade the ventilation system at the same time. This is achieved by adding 9 Air vents, all adjustable. Automatic temperature control with temperature sensor is now standard and, in the process, made space for more leg room in the cockpit.

Above are just a few features of this exiting new MultiOne 8.4S K. The first shipment of these exiting models is underway for Vermeer Equipment suppliers and should reach our shores in the heart of winter 2021. For more info or great introductory special of this mini loader model please enquire at [email protected] or give us a call on +27 11 608 0893. MultiOne – The future is BLUE.


We have shared a video clip of these features on our YouTube channel.

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