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MultiOne Flail Mower or slasher is a versatile, compact attachment for cutting long veld grass and small scrubs equipped with the new Multifloat® floating system. A wide choice of cutting tools makes it suitable for fine grass cutting as well as heavy duty applications for more demanding tasks. This mower has just been improved and redesigned to capitalise on MultiOne’s best in class hydraulic power to deliver top performance.

5 Unique Features:

1 – Multifloat® system
New floating system – allows free vertical and horizontal movement.
The MultiOne flail mower moves independently from the machine for a precise cut, and has a full-width rear roller, which follows the contour of the ground, allowing the blades to maintain the precise cutting height selected by the operator.

2 – Automatic Stop Valve
An automatic valve stops the blades when the flail mower is lifted off the ground. This increases safety and avoids the risk of debris ejection.






3 – Direct Drive
The MultiOne flail mower is equipped with a hydraulic motor mounted directly on the shaft. No belts, no gears, this design increases efficiency and reduces maintenance.

4 – Adjustable Rear Roller
The big rear roller allows a better stability and less resisitance when mowing. It’s adjustable to set the cutting height.






5 – Cutting Blades
A wide choice of cutting blades for the different types of vegetation is available as option.






Other MultiOne Flail Mowers

Side Flail Mower
The side flail mower, combined with the power and stability of the MultiOne, makes it possible to reach places where it is not safe to drive. This makes easy to mow side slopes, ditches, waterfronts, and other hard to reach areas.
Mowing road sides with the combination of a MultiOne and this mower is easier and more efficient than with larger machines

Flail Mower with Side Shift
Use this hydraulically powered flail mower with side shift for heavy shrubs and weeds, and see what it can do!
Not only is its heavy duty construction perfect for use on slopes combined with the power and stability of the MultiOne, it also is perfect for mulching in parks and other areas. It is ideal for agricultural and municipal applications.