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Features & Benefits

  • Powerful cutting mechanism and safe operation
  • Clean and precise cuts

For the tough South African indigenous bushes and trees, MultiOne developed a robust, durable and reliable solution for bush clearing with the introduction of dual options for tree shears.

The MultiOne tree shear is a combination of a grapple to grab and safely control trees or branches and a powerful cutting shear to harvest the tree. Through the reach of the MultiOne’s telescopic boom, this unit can also be used to prune branches, and clear scrub growth in difficult to reach places. Farmers looking for solution to rid game and cattle farms from sekelbos, swarthaak, soetdoring etc. need to look no further than the MultiOne tree shear. The unit comes in two options for varying cutting diameters. MultiOne 7 Series and upwards forestry machines are ideally compatible with the tree shears.


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