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Features & Benefits

• Professional, efficient rotary harrow for topsoil levelling
• Top grade finish with just one pass
• Available with seeding unit

The power harrow is a hydraulic attachment available for the preparation of seedbeds. It process only the topsoil and gives an ideal surface to sow on. It can also be used for topsoil levelling only.

The same process is used to crush and break the crust and eliminate weeds. In general it improves soil conditions for the preparation of seedbeds. Working depth is adjusted with the roller which levels the seeding bed during operation.

The soil is normally not milled as deep or as thoroughly as with the stone burier attachment. With the optional seeding unit you are able to make a ready lawn or grass surface on one pass. This attachment can be equipped with the optional seeding unit. See below chart for options and compatibility with your MultiOne compact loader.

power harrow
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